JLR, 3 letters that stand for the initials of the founder, Jean-Laurent Riegel.

Early on, the passion for a job well done was instilled by his father, whom he would follow on visits to his shirt maker and tailor.

Since then, he has consistently used artisans to make his clothes, always preferring the quality of hand made work over the homogeneity and excessive prices of prêt à porter.

In 1995, while he was running a major company, he decided to share his passion for "made-to-measure" shirts by creating JLR.

Jean-Laurent believes that the shirt making business should evolve; he therefore updates traditions, streamlines production, lowers costs and continues to renew his offerings.
The JLR concept has rapidly attracted a new generation of men who are discovering the pleasure of looking their best everyday.

Today the company celebrates its 15th anniversary.

With 4 stores located in Paris and Lyon, JLR now has its online store, which was designed to be simple and fun.

We hope you enjoy your visit.